Project Management

I.I. MARINES LIMITED has a unique managerial style, that borders on her ability to sensitize the entire I. I. MARINES staff to provide a nouvelle style of total quality project management. It is also set for the upgrading of standard quality of works in the country. This gives us the capability to view each job or contract from project perspective. We thus disset the project and begin from concept design, then engineering and construction; and during execution, we devote time to take care of often ignored details such as supplies, finance, safety, environment and even the socio economic analysis/implications of the project. By this method, we find ourselves preforming all the time; assuring that no project is abandoned and that nothing is left undone which ought to be done. We therefore succeed where others fail.

At I.I. MARINES, no project is too small or too big. And no project is less important than the other. Our managerial capability assures this, as the projected management department is in charge of each project while liaising with management to tap our huge human and financial resources as well as expatriate support when the need arises.